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Best Dentist in Regina

Best Dentist in Regina

Who is the best dentist in Regina?

Of course you would like to know who the best dentist in Regina is. Dental care can be intimidating and very personal,  you want to make sure you are receiving treatment from someone you are comfortable with and have confidence in.

Fortunately for you, simpli dental is here to help you figure out who the best dentist in Regina really is.

So who is it? Sorry to lead you on like this bit it really and truly is a personal preference. We are fortunate to have many dental providers and want to assure you that you should have confidence in the dental population that provides services to the city of Regina.

When determining who the best dentist in Regina is, there are many individual factors to consider. They include the following:

Your dentist should listen to your concerns and needs

Each patient is unique and requires a tailored treatment plan. There are many ways to achieve a healthy smile and no two patients are identical. Your dentist will provide you with a thorough examination followed by a consultation to understand what your treatment goals are. Following this, a treatment plan is provided as a professional recommendation to achieve your desired results.

Your dentist should provide you with treatment options that suit your budget

Sometimes us dentists get a little excited and carried away with our treatment plans. After all, we just want to do the finest work! As previously mentioned, there are many ways to achieve a healthy smile through numerous treatment options. Use replacing a missing tooth as an example. You could go with a dental bridge, a dental implant, or a partial denture. All options would successfully replace a missing tooth but each unique, have their own advantages and disadvantages, and vary in price. Your dentist should provide you with options that suit your budget and allow you to achieve your oral health goals.

Best Dentist in Regina - simpli dental

The dental clinic should be clean

This goes without saying…so we said it anyways. The dental industry has strict disinfection and sterilization regulations to ensure patient safety and best practices. As a patient of a dental clinic in Regina, you can be confident that your clinic is clean and sanitary.

Your dentist should stay up to date

The dental profession is constantly evolving with the development of new equipment, treatment techniques and scientific studies. As dental providers, we stay up to date through continuing education requirements to ensure our patients are receiving high-quality and modern treatment.

Your dental clinic should try to make things comfortable

Bare with us on this one. We know that going to the dentist is not always the most enjoyable activity. We would much rather be at the spa but the result of good oral health and a bright smile is worth it. Your dentist and support staff should do everything in their power to try and make your visit as comfortable and pain-free as possible. If you are undergoing any treatment, dental or otherwise, you need to be aware that you are in control. If you are uncomfortable and need an adjustment or more freezing, we can always take a break or reset.

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Your dental clinic should care

Dentists are healthcare professionals that provide essential services in restoring and maintaining optimal oral health. They care about their patients and what is best for them. Whichever dental clinic you decide to visit should leave you feeling as though your personal needs have been made a priority. You should have confidence in knowing that you have been well cared for by a health professional team.

Your dental clinic should be convenient

We all have different priorities when placing value on amenities offered by service providers. For some of us, we may be looking for the best price. For others, possibly the most convenient location close to home. Maybe you need to find a dentist that is open evenings and weekends. Whatever is important to you in a dental provider, it should be convenient. Dental clinics are like any other organization in that they operate in a sustainable manner that is best suited to their patients and staff. There are many competing factors that don’t allow for all amenities to be offered. Consider hours of operation. Many staff members would prefer not to work evenings and weekends. If you live in a small town and enjoy the convenience of having a clinic close to you, there may not be enough support staff to work less-desirable hours and therefore your close-to-home dental clinic may not offer evening and weekend appointments. Sometimes it is difficult to find everything that you are looking for and you may need to make sacrifices to find a clinic that offers what is most important to you.

We hope this will help you find your best dentist in Regina!

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How to save money at the dentist

How to save money at the dentist-simpli dental

Looking to save money at the Dentist? Then read on…

The answer to the question of how to save money at the dentist is a simple one, go to Mexico! We’re joking, don’t do that unless you have done thorough research on the dental provider. We are fortunate in Canada that the quality of work we see from our colleagues is of a high standard. A wide variety of treatment come out of foreign countries, both good and bad.

The main problem with getting dental treatment done in a foreign country is dealing with post-treatment complications. Many people expect a local provider to warranty or repair work done by another dentist. Unfortunately that rarely happens as the local dentist is put in a difficult situation not knowing the treatment plan, materials used or complications that occurred during the procedure. Unless you are looking to get a nice vacation out of the deal, we have a few other ways to save money on dental treatment as opposed to going out of the country.

Ways to save money on dental treatment:

  1. Get dental insurance. Health benefits can be obtained through an employer, government or individually. They can be a great way to help subsidize the cost of dental treatment. Make sure you understand what your insurance plan covers. Your plan will likely have a yearly maximum and any amount over that is 100% your responsibility with no assisted pay from the insurance provider. Keep in mind that your dental benefits is a plan between you and your insurance provider. A dental clinic will help you understand your benefits and submit proposed treatment to your insurance provider for a pre-authorization approval but ultimately it is your responsibility to know what you are covered for. Due to privacy regulation, insurance providers are disclosing less information to dental clinics. Therefore the burden has been placed on the patient to know their policies and what they are responsible for paying out of pocket.
  2. Schedule regular visits with ongoing maintenance. The patients we see in our clinic that spend the least amount on dental treatment are those that come in on a consistent basis. It may seem counter intuitive. Why would visiting the dentist more often result in lower costs? This is due to the fact that with regular visits, oral health problems can be detected early resulting in the treatment being less costly. For example, a cavity detected early on can be placed with a filling for a couple hundred dollars. If left longer to the point where it can be felt and is painful, it could require root canal treatment, posts, fillings, and a crown, resulting in several thousands of dollars.
  3. Find a provider you trust(Like Simpli Dental?). Having confidence in your dentist, hygienist and clinic staff is crucial in knowing you are receiving the best treatment. A good provider will give you all of your treatment options and tell you what they think is best for your oral health. By seeing someone that you trust, you will know you are getting the most honest treatment possible.
  4. Listen carefully to treatment plans and ask questions. There are many options to fix a tooth and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Some are better than others and many vary in price. Make sure to ask your provider questions to ensure you understand what all of your treatment options are. Many times, we focus on one treatment option and block out others that may be more affordable.
  5. Know the long-term effects. A quick and cheap fix may end up costing you more money in the long run. For example, an extraction is often a more affordable option than saving a tooth that may require several appointments and multiple treatments to fix. However, the space you are left with may cause problems when teeth shift or bone levels recede. If you decide later on that you want to fill the space from an extraction, you may end paying more because it is more complicated to fix than if it were done earlier.
  6. Get a second opinion. You have options and you should explore them. If you are proposed a treatment plan that you don’t have full confidence in, go and get a second opinion. There are many providers available that will give you their professional opinion that you can compare.

If you have questions or would like to see a dentist for a consultation, please contact us.