dental fillings in regina and saskatoon

what are dental fillings?

A dental filling is a type of dental restoration that is used to repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay, wear or breakage. To complete a dental filling the dentist cleans out the decay and prepares the tooth to have the filling placed. The dentist then fills the preparation with the filling material. The most common filling materials are composite resin or amalgam but can also include gold, porcelain or zirconia.

why are dental fillings needed?

A cavity starts off as a small amount of asymptomatic decay but can grow if left untreated. Fillings are used to prevent decay from spreading to the nerve of the tooth, resulting in pain and possibly infection. If left to grow, the decay will damage more natural tooth structure and can potentially spread to neighbouring teeth resulting in the need for more extensive treatment.

how much do fillings in Regina and Saskatoon cost?

The cost of dental fillings is dependent on a number of factors which include the type of tooth (molar, pre-molar, etc.), the number of surfaces that need to be restored and the type of restorative material used. Dental fillings at Simpli Dental start at $150.

how do I know if I have a cavity?

Cavities are tricky to detect. Sometimes people think they have a cavity because they see staining on their teeth and interpret it as decay. Decay can look very similar to staining. Cavities can also show up between teeth or under restorations and can only be detected with an x-ray. To ensure you don’t have any undiagnosed cavities, it is best to get a regular check-up from a dental professional.

Simpli Dental offers dental fillings in Regina and Saskatoon.

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