dental veneers in regina and saskatoon

what are dental veneers?

Dental veneers and bonding are thin coverings that are placed on the front of teeth. They are typically completed to improve the appearance of teeth and correct defects. Dental veneers are typically made out of porcelain and are a thin shell that is bonded to the front of a tooth prepared specifically for the fit of that veneer. Dental bonding is completed by placing composite resin onto the front of the teeth. The resin is then shaped and polished by the dentist to achieve optimal aesthetics and function.

why are dental veneers needed?

Dental veneers and bonding are done primarily to improve the appearance of teeth. They can be completed on a single tooth or multiple teeth depending on the patient’s needs and preferences. Veneers and dental bonding improve the appearance of your teeth by changing their colour, shape, angle or spacing. Your dentist can fix teeth that are broken, chipped or cracked, and also teeth that have spaces between them or that are discoloured. Cosmetic dental treatments can give you the smile you have always wanted, giving you more confidence.

how much do dental veneers cost?

Dental bonding at Simpli Dental in Regina starts at $275 while dental veneers at Simpli Dental start at $695 plus laboratory fees.

how do I make sure dental veneers and bonding look their best?

Planning ahead is usually the best method for achieving optimal aesthetics when it comes to dental veneers and bonding. Your dentist may discuss teeth whitening with you prior to starting treatment. If your veneers need to match your natural teeth and you would like them whiter, it is best to do teeth whitening well before the veneers are started. Teeth when whitened will be artificially lighter immediately after the whitening and should be given some time to stabilize. By doing so your dentist can match your veneers to a stable natural tooth shade. The best way to determine if dental veneers or bonding is a good option for you is by scheduling a consultation and asking a Simpli Dental professional.

dental veneers in Regina and Saskatoon?

Simpli Dental offers dental veneers and bonding at both of our convenient locations in Regina and Saskatoon.  Visit us for a consultation.

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