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How Invisalign Works

Have you ever wondered how Invisalign works? Check out this informative video to find out. P.S. Aren’t Aussie accents the best!?!?     If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign, traditional orthodontics or clear aligner orthodontics, please contact simpli dental in Regina and we would be happy to arrange a consultation with one […]

Immediate Load Dental Implants

As you may have read in our previous blog post, dental implants are made up of several components including the dental implant, the abutment and the implant-supported crown. The dentist can decide to wait to place the dental crown on top of the implant or do so immediately when the dental implant is surgically placed […]

Night Guards & Bruxism Appliances

So your dentist told you that you need a night guard! What is a night guard? Why would you need one? A night guard is an appliance that is worn while sleeping to protect the teeth from tooth on tooth wear as a result of grinding or clenching. We term excessive teeth grinding and clenching […]

Dental Bridge or Dental Implant? Advantages and Disadvantages

So you want to replace that missing or broken tooth? Fortunately for you there are several options to choose from including the following: Removable partial dentures Implant supported crowns Fixed partial denture, more commonly known as a dental bridge       There are several advantages and disadvantages to each solution for replacing a missing […]

Dental payment plans and financing

We often have patients request dental payment plans and financing options. We understand that dental treatment can get costly. At simpli dental, we want to ensure that our patients have the opportunity to comfortably pay for their treatment. simpli dental utilizes third-party dental financing providers that offer our patients payment plans. These companies include the […]

Free teeth whitening in Regina

So you want to brighten that smile with free teeth whitening in Regina! Teeth whitening in Regina provided by simpli dental can be a great option to enhance a healthy smile. So how does one go about getting free whitening in Regina? It’s quite simple actually. To begin, we need to let you know that […]

How much does a teeth cleaning cost in Regina?

simpli dental provides teeth cleanings for patients in Regina and the surrounding area! Recently we posted about the importance of getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. But we understand that it doesn’t stop there. You may want to know how much it costs to get your teeth cleaned. There are several factors to […]

Why do I need my teeth cleaned?

simpli dental offers teeth cleaning in Regina! But is it necessary? Read on to find out why we think it is… Why are the dentist and hygienist always nagging me to get my teeth cleaned every four to six months? In short, it’s because we care about your oral health! Regular dental hygiene through professional […]

How to save money at the dentist

Looking to save money on dental treatment? Then read on… The answer to the question of how to save money on dental treatment is a simple one, go to Mexico! We’re joking, don’t do that unless you have done thorough research on the dental provider. We are fortunate in Canada that the quality of work […]

Dentists accepting new patients in Regina

Not all dentists in Regina are accepting new patients. This is for a number of reasons but is primarily an individual decision that the provider has made and believes it is best for their practice and existing patients. Typically, they are too busy and want to focus on providing the best quality of treatment to […]