Our fee guide contains over 950 lines of procedures. Below are some of our most common ones along with prices.

New patient exam – Free

Second opinion – Free

Whitening (take home custom trays) – Free

Cleaning (37.5 minutes) with polishing and foam fluoride – $144

Extraction (uncomplicated) – $132

Crown (porcelain, gold or zirconia) – $537 plus lab

Veneer (porcelain) – $500 plus lab

Root canal (1 canal, uncomplicated) – $477

Implant crown – $661 plus lab

Clear aligner orthodontics – $500 one time, $90 per set of trays plus lab

payment plans and dental treatment financing options

simpli dental offers payment plans to finance dental treatment through third party partners. To apply for financing, please click one of the two links below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can assist with the process.



Please note that all procedures are completed by a general dentist and not a specialist. Due to variations in individual patient needs and changing oral health conditions, prices are not guaranteed and need to be approved in office prior to and at the time of treatment.  

Plus lab indicates a third-party dental laboratory charge. Many of the restorations and appliances treatment planned, delivered and monitored by a dentist are fabricated outside of the clinic at a third-party laboratory. There is an independent charge from the laboratory for their service.

As we do not prioritize esthetics over health, whitening is available to only those patients in good oral health that is achieved and maintained by simpli dental or another provider.