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Simpli Dental clinic ownership licenses are available in urban markets across Canada!

Licensees maintain 100% ownership of their practice while benefitting from the ability to operate under the Simpli Dental brand and business model.

Our dental clinics are growth-focused practices that develop and maintain a strong competitive advantage by providing dentistry at prices below the provincial suggested fee guides. We provide cost-sharing options for the non-clinical aspects of the practice, which include marketing, reception & administration, purchasing, human resources, legal and more.

Aside from maintaining brand standards through consistent marketing and communications, each clinic maintains independence by deciding which elements of the business model they want to benefit from.

Our team is committed to the success of each partner from providing help in the initial stages of site selection, build consultation, and new staff training to on-going operational management and brand engagement.

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… the longer version…

Simpli Dental is looking for dentists that would like to convert their existing clinic or start a new one under our brand. Our clinics are local, independently owned and operated. Our practice model is built off of a single guiding principle, develop and maintain a strong competitive advantage. We believe that every provider looking to attract new patients needs a reason for people to choose them. The public has many options when deciding which dentist to visit, why should they pick you?

Our clinics maintain a competitive advantage by providing general dentistry services at prices less than the provincially suggested fee guides. We can achieve this and remain profitable by utilizing technology, automation and buying power to operate efficiently.

The majority of our patients do not have dental insurance (85%) and include retirees, small-business owners, farmers, hairdressers, and people with jobs that do not provide benefits. Many people also come to us when they have a significant amount of dental work to complete that will exceed their insurance coverage’s yearly maximum. In addition, we see people that have a regular dentist but require an expensive treatment that they need to pay for out of pocket or co-pay. These treatments typically include fixed prosthodontic work such as implant-supported crowns and traditional bridges.

Since 2017, Dr. Blake Mitchell, DMD, the owner of Simpli Dental has been involved in the franchise industry as the co-founder of several franchisor companies. These businesses started off as small, successful companies in their local markets and expanded across Canada and the United States. Similar to Simpli Dental, they were all successful by being the best at providing a product or service to a targeted customer group within their industry.


buying power: By working together we are able to acquire better pricing on supplies, equipment and services needed to setup and operate

cost sharing: Reduce overhead by sharing operating expenses with other Simpli Dental clinics

developed systems: We’ve done all the initial leg work and have everything ready for you to replicate

branding: Professional and knowledgable marketing team focusing on expanding pre-existing brand awareness

support: We assist in every way we can

full ownership: Own 100% of your practice

no goodwill fee: Buying an existing practice requires paying for inflated goodwill value

competitive advantage: Attract new patients by giving them a reason to choose you


  • 1,200 - 2,500 sq. ft.
    Practice Size
  • 4-6
    Number of Operatories
  • 10-50%
    Price Below Fee Guide
  • 6%
    Licensing Fee
  • 3%
    National Advertising Fund Contribution
  • 5-10%
    Suggested Local Advertising Spend

average clinic build cost: $325,000

*Please note that some of these numbers are averages only. Clinic design and performance is dependent on a number of factors including the local market, location, owner’s personal goals, practice style and ambitions.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to become an owner!

case study


Dentist X practiced at an average clinic 6 blocks away from Simpli Dental for 3 years where the clinic followed the Saskatchewan Suggested Fee Guide. Afterward,  Dentist X started seeing patients at the Regina Simpli Dental location from start-up with no existing patient base.

The production reports were then compared from the two clinics, and the number of bridges and implant restorative units were analyzed.

Same dentist, same area of the city, new practice model…

*Please note that these are historical numbers only and not a predictor of future practice performance.

our people

Marketing & Business Development

Reception & Administration


clinic design




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Simpli Dental help with?

A: Everything that we possibly can! We assist in the search and selection of real estate, your clinic design and construction, initial equipment and supplies ordering, software and technology implementation, staff training and ongoing support. Many of these tasks will also require yourself and other professionals such as commercial real estate brokers, architects and equipment suppliers.

Q: I want to learn more and find out next steps, who do I contact?

A: You can email Dr. Blake Mitchell directly at blake@simpli.dental. We will start with an initial phone call and application. From there, we will want to know what your personal and professional goals are. Once determined that we are a good fit for one another, we will want to meet in person and take a tour of your local market. From here, the fun part begins and we can start working towards getting you a new clinic!

Q: Why charge lower fees?

A: Historically there has been very little price variation and transparency in the dental industry. As a consumer, every clinic can appear the same, they don’t know how to properly judge the technical skills of a dental provider so it results in dental services being viewed as a commodity. There is a significant portion of the population that is price sensitive and will choose the lowest price provider. Simpli Dental is the clear choice when a patient is deciding on a provider and is price conscious.

Q: With lower prices, does that mean lower quality?

A: No, our materials and techniques are the same as those of other dentists. It is very important to our brand that an acceptable level of quality is maintained.

Q: Won’t charging lower prices create a “race to the bottom”?

A: We don’t think so. Many industries have different businesses that provide a varying level of price and service to their customers. Some companies even have specific brands within their organization that do this. Car companies (Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche) and hotel chains (Marriott or InterContinental Hotels Group) are good examples of this. We believe that dentistry is no different. As our industry changes and outside investment comes in, there will be segmentation and price competition. Look at Walmart or Amazon as an example in the consumer goods industry. Some offices will be part of a big group while others will remain independent. Some will be chains with a consistent look and feel while others will be unique and boutique. We don’t believe that one way is better than another, just that our niche of price-sensitive consumers is under serviced.

Q: Don’t lower fees mean lower revenue?

A: Not necessarily. A quick example will best explain this. Dentist A charges $1,000 for the same procedure that Simpli Dental charges $800 for. The patient sees the value in completing the treatment but has to pay for the service out of pocket. They choose to see Simpli Dental because they can save $200. With this particular patient, Dentist A made $0 while Simpli Dental made $800. Higher listed prices that patients don’t pay for do not create revenue. A moderately priced fee that patients pay for results in revenue. Yes, it would be great if we could charge a high amount for our services and all patients would happily pay for them, but this isn’t the case and we need to be conscious of what is happening in the marketplace and what consumers can afford.

Q: Am I going to attract low-quality patients that don’t show up for their appointments?

A: Not anymore then in any other clinic. Our patients are as respectful as those of any other clinic. They consist of middle-income people such as small-business owners, farmers, retirees, independent contractors and many others that either have to pay out of pocket or co-pay alongside their insurance. From our experience, we find patients to be generally more appreciative and accepting of treatment. Funny thing is, when you provide services at a reasonable price, people trust you! It’s a nice feeling and we enjoy forming quality connections with our patients.

Q: Is the 6% licensing fee calculated based on gross revenue or net income?

A: The licensing fee is calculated based on gross collections. The revenue from this goes to the parent company to help support practices from start up through growth and ultimately retirement and/or sale.

Q: Can I can charge lower prices until I attract enough patients then increase my prices?

A: Probably not a good idea. You will receive backlash from patients and it won’t be consistent with our brand. If you would like to do something like this, we suggest doing so independently. We are looking for ownership partners that believe in the business model of providing dental services at a competitive price.

Q: Don’t the majority of patients have insurance?

A: Yes, the majority do. But according to the Canadian Dental Association, a lot don’t. In fact 32% of the population does not. Of the remainder that do, many need treatment that results in them having to pay a portion out of pocket. Resulting in a large group that is price-sensitive.

Q: How many patients does my practice need?

A: Generally 1,200 – 2,000 per full time dentist.

Q: Why not just start my own reduced priced dental clinic and not pay any fees?

A: You definitely could. However there has been significant outside investment in the dental industry with large consolidators buying up dental practices. By being a part of a larger group, you receive benefits such as cost-sharing and buying power that allow you to remain competitive against the “big guys.”

Q: Is having a competitive advantage really that important?

A: We strongly believe so. If you want a mediocre practice, then do the same thing as every one else. If you want a practice that flourishes and grows, you’ll probably want to consider how you’re going to make that happen and set yourself apart from others.

Q: Can you guarantee my practice’s performance?

A: Not one bit! No one can predict how you’ll do but we have confidence in our model and are very happy with the performance of our existing practices.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to become an owner!