Free teeth whitening in Regina

Free teeth whitening in Regina

So you want to brighten that smile with free teeth whitening in Regina!

Teeth whitening in Regina provided by simpli dental can be a great option to enhance a healthy smile.

So how does one go about getting free whitening in Regina?

It’s quite simple actually. To begin, we need to let you know that we do not prioritize esthetics over good oral health. In order to take advantage of our free whitening, our patients need to achieve and maintain good oral health. That means following through with the recommended treatment plan provided by a dentist at simpli dental or another dental clinic in Regina.

Good oral health means…

  • No decay
  • No broken or fractured teeth
  • Healthy gums achieved by regular dental cleanings
  • No broken or fractured fillings or other restorations
  • No infection

Once you have achieved what simpli dental considers good oral health you can make an appointment at our clinic to obtain your free teeth whitening kit.

To get your free teeth whitening…

  1. Email and inform us that you would like to make an appointment for free teeth whitening or book a dental appointment online here. (Please note that if you are not a regular patient at simpli dental we may require an initial consultation to determine if you are a candidate and in good oral health).
  2. Arrive at your appointment to get custom impressions made
  3. Return in approximately one week to pick up your custom teeth whitening trays and whitening gel

If you would like to make an appointment for an initial consultation to see if you are a candidate for free teeth whitening, please book an appointment here or email us at

We look forward to giving you that bright, white smile!

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Please note that we have changed our policy and are no longer offer free teeth whitening. The current cost is $150, this may change without notice.