root canal treatments in Calgary

what is a root canal?

Root canal treatment is the process of removing infected or injured tissue (pulp) from the inside of a tooth. Once cleaned, the canal is disinfected, shaped, filled and sealed. The opening of the tooth where the roots were accessed is then sealed with a filling to prevent future infection. Considerable advancements in diagnosis, radiographic imaging, equipment and techniques now permit dentists to complete root canal treatment, even for teeth with very complex anatomies. An endodontist is a dentist that has completed additional training in root canal treatment. Your general dentist may determine that your unique tooth may be best treated by an endodontist.

why are root canals needed?

Root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is completed when a tooth has become inflamed or infected and the patient wants to keep their tooth instead of having it extracted and replaced with a prosthetic tooth. Occasionally root canal treatment is done when a tooth has been severely damaged and the roots of the tooth need to be accessed to properly restore the tooth.

how much does root canal treatment in Calgary cost?

The cost of root canal treatment is dependent on a number of factors including the number of roots that need to be treated and the complexity of treatment. Root canal treatment provided by Simpli Dental in Calgary starts at $685.

I got a root canal, do I need a crown now?

The answer to this question depends on how much natural tooth structure is remaining. Oftentimes when root canal treatment is performed there is not enough natural tooth structure tooth remaining and the tooth is weak and susceptible to breakage. The best way to determine if a crown is needed following root canal treatment is by scheduling a consultation and asking a dental professional.

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