dental crowns in calgary

what are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that is used to repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay, wear or breakage and a dental filling is not sufficient. To complete a dental crown the dentist prepares the tooth by reducing all surfaces by as little as 0.3 mm. The dentist then takes an impression of the reduced tooth and sends it off to a laboratory to fabricate the restoration. Some dental clinics have in-office restoration fabrication machines. If the restoration is being made outside of the clinic, the prepared tooth is then temporarily restored with provisional material. The patient then returns after the crown has been made to have the temporary restoration removed and have the permanent dental crown cemented or bonded to the natural tooth. There are several different materials available to fabricate a dental crown. The most common are zirconia, porcelain, gold and other types of metal.

why are dental crowns needed?

A crown is needed to restore a damaged tooth. They are completed when a filling is not sufficient to restore the tooth because there is too much natural tooth structure missing.

how much does a dental crown in Calgary cost?

The cost of a dental crown is dependent on a number of factors including the complexity and the type of restorative material used.  Dental crowns at simpli dental start at $890 (plus lab fees).

I got a root canal, do I need a crown now?

The answer to this question depends on how much natural tooth structure is remaining. Oftentimes when root canal treatment is performed there is not enough natural tooth structure tooth remaining and the tooth is weak and susceptible to breakage. The best way to determine if a crown is needed following root canal treatment is by scheduling a consultation and asking a dental professional.

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