dental appliances in calgary

what are dental appliances?

Dental appliances are fabricated devices that aid in the treatment of oral conditions. They can be fixated or removable. Dental appliances are also referred to as oral appliances and include space maintainers, space regainers, snoring appliances, sleep apnea appliances, orthodontic retainers, nightguards, bruxism appliances and several others.

why are dental appliances needed?

Dental appliances are used to help protect teeth, reposition teeth, stabilize teeth and reposition jaws. They maintain and improve good oral health and dental function.

how much do dental appliances in calgary cost?

There are a wide variety of dental appliances with different costs associated with each one. To obtain a treatment plan, determine if you require a dental appliance or receive an estimate for an oral appliance, book an appointment with a Simpli Dental dentist.

if i get a dental appliance, will i have to replace it?

Taking proper care of a dental appliance will extend the life of it. Some dental appliances are only temporary and are removed by a dentist when they are done serving their purpose. Others wear out with normal use and need to be replaced. Dental appliances can also break with improper care. Some broken oral appliances can be repaired but others need to be replaced. If you have a dental appliance and need it repaired or replaced, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a Simpli Dental dentist. By doing so your dentist can provide you with treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

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