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Simpli Dental is always accepting amazing patients looking for a deal! We are a locally owned and operated dental facility in Calgary. We believe that a beautiful smile should not be beyond financial reach, so we offer prices less than the Alberta Dental Association’s suggested fee guides.

how do we make visiting a dentist so affordable?

Our Calgary dental offices utilize technology, automation and operational efficiencies. These help contribute to a reduction in cost, allowing us to pass on our savings onto patients and make their experience more affordable.

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Looking for a new dentist in Calgary can be a daunting task. Thankfully, we are currently accepting new patients. At Simpli Dental, we want to make your visit to our dental clinic a positive experience. Your comfort is atop priority. We offer a complete range of affordable services to meet your preventative and complex dental needs. These services include bridges, crowns, clear aligners, fillings, implants, Invisalign, veneers, as well as emergency dental services, and more.  Our oral health professionals treat both adults and children.

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Our Calgary office is located at 1032 McDougall Road NE in Calgary and has free and paid parking.

why do we do offer dentistry at prices below the fee guide?

At Simpli Dental we believe that a beautiful smile should not be a bank buster. Regular visits to a dentist are a key component for good oral hygiene and overall health. And we understand that sometimes the costs can add up. We provide affordable dental services because we believe in preventative care to reduce long-term costs and maintain good oral health. Although it is never too late to start focusing on your oral health, the cost can be less than affordable. Thankfully, our dental clinic offers children and adults the opportunity to save their money…and their smile.

We are currently accepting new and emergency patients.

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Please note that all services in our dental clinic in Calgary are provided by a general dentist and not a specialist.

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email: reception@simpli.dental

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Calgary Phone: (403) 407-1749