Getting a second opinion for dental treatment-simpli dental regina

Getting a second opinion for dental treatment

The Regina and area is lucky to have access to many dentists and oral health professionals with a high level of skill and training. The quality of work that we see from our colleagues consistently impresses and makes us proud to be a part of a respected and well-regulated profession. Oftentimes, patients, want to explore their options and get a second opinion when it comes to proposed dental treatment. Some of the reasons why someone may want a second opinion include the following:

  • Confusion on the proposed treatment plan
  • Searching for a more affordable dental treatment option
  • Being notified by a dentist that they aren’t willing to perform treatment that the patient would like to receive as it is in conflict with the dentists professional judgement
  • Doing more research can make patients feel more comfortable once they do commit to treatment
  • The proposed treatment is risky and the patient has been notified that there is a high probability that it won’t be successful

If you have received a proposal for dental treatment from either simpli dental or another dental office and you would like to receive a second opinion from another dentist, we encourage you to do so and will help you make sure that you get all of the answers to your questions. Ultimately, the treatment that you undergo is your decision. You should be informed and comfortable with what you decide.

All you need to do is,

  1. Schedule an appointment with the dentist providing you with the second opinion
  2. Call the office where you had your initial dental consultation and ask to have any applicable records sent to the new dentist
  3. Visit the new dentist that will be providing you with a second opinion and provide her or him with as much information as possible from your previous consultation. Make sure to explain the reasons why you wanted a second opinion. Even if you don’t have all of the information straight, don’t hesitate to share, dental professionals can usually determine when words are used out of context and can often put all of the pieces together.

If you have any questions on getting a second opinion from a dentist in Regina or area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.