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Dentists accepting new patients in Regina

Not all dentists in Regina are accepting new patients. This is for a number of reasons but is primarily an individual decision that the provider has made and believes it is best for their practice and existing patients. Typically, they are too busy and want to focus on providing the best quality of treatment to their existing patient base. For dentists that are newer to the city of Regina, they typically won’t stop accepting new patients until late in their career if ever. Because patients move practices for a number of reasons including moving away, personal preferences, relocating within the city, or recommendations from others, a dental practice’s current patient base usually is in constant flux.

Although our primary dentist, Dr. Blake Mitchell has been practicing dentistry for 5 years now, he has no intention of not accepting new patients any time in the near future. If you are looking for a new dentist in Regina that is accepting new patients, Dr. Mitchell would be pleased to meet you and discuss your oral health needs.

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