orthodontics in regina and saskatoon

what are orthodontics?

We offer orthodontic treatment at both our Regina and Saskatoon dental offices. Orthodontic treatment is the diagnosing and prevention of, as well as the straightening and moving of malpositioned teeth and jaws. It is completed by putting gentle, consistent pressure on the teeth that results in changes in the underlying bone and movement of the teeth to a new position.

why are orthodontics important?

Orthodontics improves function, appearance, patient confidence and speech by correcting tilted, crowded, rotated, crooked, protruding or spaced out teeth. Straighter teeth result in less long-term wear and are easier to clean, which helps control gingival inflammation.

how much does orthodontic treatment in Regina and Saskatoon cost?

Simpli Dental offers orthodontic treatment via clear aligners. Our prices start at $500 one time plus $90 per set of trays required. There is also a third-party laboratory fee charged by the fabricator of the clear aligners. If you are interested in clear aligner orthodontic treatment we can provide a consultation where a more accurate estimate can be made.

how long does orthodontic treatment take?

Orthodontic treatment varies depending on a number of factors including the amount of tooth movement that needs to occur, the appliance used and the overall treatment plan. To get a better understanding of what time commitment is needed, please request a consultation with one of our oral health providers.

Simpli Dental offers orthodontic treatment and consultations in Regina and Saskatoon.

Please note that all procedures are completed by a general dentist and not a specialist. Due to variations in individual patient needs and changing oral health conditions, prices are not guaranteed and need to be approved in office prior to and at the time of treatment.