what are they?

A dental extraction is the process of removing a tooth from the jaw bone. Extractions can range in difficulty depending on a number of factors including the position of the tooth, the anatomy and density of the bone. They can be simple and straightforward or complicated and require a surgical approach.

why are they needed?

A dental extraction is needed when the tooth is deemed to be not restorable. This can be because too much of the natural tooth structure is missing or the supporting bone has been damaged due to infection. Sometimes teeth are removed to aid in development or orthodontic treatment by making room for other teeth.

how much do extractions in Saskatoon and Regina cost?

The cost of a dental extraction ranges based on the complexity and the number of teeth that are being removed. simpli dental’s fees for extractions start at $99.

will a dental extraction hurt?

Dental extractions typically are not painful. Dental anesthetic is used to freeze the extraction site to prevent any pain during the procedure. Patients usually have mild discomfort after following a dental extraction that can be relived with pain killers such as Ibuprofen.

simpli dental offers dental extractions in Saskatoon and Regina.

Please note that all procedures are completed by a general dentist and not a specialist. Due to variations in individual patient needs and changing oral health conditions, prices are not guaranteed and need to be approved in office prior to and at the time of treatment.